You are Wired to Worship

I love a good dance competition. There’s a new one on right now called “World of Dance” and its been phenomenal to watch the talent.  Growing up a dancer, I can appreciate the effort and commitment that goes into each practice and performance. One specific performance or actually dance battle left me cringing a bit […]

Rise Up and Build Confidence Book Now Available

I’m excited to share that my latest book, “Rise Up and Build Confidence – a 21-Day Challenge” is now available on This book is foundational to knowing who you are in Christ and rising up from life’s transitions. Here are a few comments from readers: Thank you for this 21 day challenge.  I have […]

How to Live the “Swept Away” Life (Isaiah 44:22)

This past weekend I had the pleasure to speak at a Women’s Retreat. The theme of the retreat came from the Isaiah 44:22 that says, “I have swept away your sins like a cloud. I have scattered your offenses like the morning mist. Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.” I […]

How to Stop the “That’s Not Fair” Mentality

Have you ever said, “That’s not fair” or “That’s not right!” I recently caught myself saying these words and God convicted my heart that I had become too self-focused. It’s so easy to do in this broken world we live in. Speaking of broken – that is why life will never be fair. We live […]

Moms Set the Tone for the Home

Moms are like those amazing orchestra directors who can direct sections of musicians with just a swing of a director’s baton. Swish go brush your teeth. Swish go take the garage out. Swish go do your homework. Swish here’s my honey do list, darling. 😉 OK, maybe it’s not quite like that but moms do set […]