How I Discovered I Wasn’t Lysa TerKeurst

I had a major aha moment last week while attending The Launch Conference when speaker Danny De Armas said, “stop trying to be someone else and be YOU!”


This hit me like a ton of bricks.  I instantly wrote in my journal “stop being Lysa TerKeurst and be Michelle Howe. #HoweAwesome.

I’m not exactly sure where I stopped realizing my own gifts and talents but I do know that social media has not helped. Seeing what others are achieving rather than being focused on what God desires to do in and through me became a distraction.

It wasn’t until the second day of Launch as we unpacked our assets that I discovered an area of my life I had been avoiding due to past failure.

This asset is my years of experience in direct sales or home-based businesses. I have been a mompreneur since I was pregnant with my first child in 1999. At times my business was more of a hobby and other times it produced a five-figure income a month.

The reason this was not my focus is I choose to stop building my direct sales/NWM business back in 2009. I thought because my business had failed, I was not or should not be an authority in this area.

But what God is opening my heart to is failure produces wisdom and that is something I can share with confidence.

Therefore in the coming weeks, I going to test the waters with some blog posts about this subject and see how it may benefit all the WAHM (Work at Home Moms)/Mompreneurs.


Here is my promise to you:

I promise to share the good, the bad and ugly of my last 18 years as a WAHM.  I will continue to be consistent with my message of Jesus as the center of your life and share my authentic heart.  Also, I plan to be your biggest encourager and cheerleader.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to empower you to uncover your purpose so you don’t end of trying to live someone else’s life but be true to yourself.   Also, no one really wakes up one day and says, “My life’s purpose is to sell jewelry, makeup or weight loss products.”

As women, we want to empower other women.  Give them hope and help them in some way.  This is our ultimate purpose and each woman’s purpose may be slightly different as you consider past experiences, character and passions in life.

So I’m excited to share an amazing new resource that I have been using over the last year with my coaching clients and live events that has created amazing results.

It’s called “5 Steps to Uncover Your Purpose and Live with Confidence, Clarity and Contentment.”  Does that sounds like something you could use in your life?

Here’s the best part, it’s FREE!!  I want as many people as possible to create a very clear one sentence purpose statement that you can put to memory so you can stop comparing yourself, learn to say no and stop feeling worthless.

To grab yours now and begin the easy 5 steps, click HERE.

I’m so excited to hear about what God creates in your heart and flows out on paper.

Can I ask you to email me at as soon as you create yours so I can send you something special.

Many blessings, Michelle 🙂

What do you believe you were created for or to be?  Share below.

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  • This is fantastic! Love it and can’t wait to read what’s next.

    • yourconfidencebuilder

      Thanks Joy!! I told Brian on our coaching call today about 7 upcoming posts. He loved them.

  • I’m way older than you and struggle daily with what God wants me to do. I can’t imagine why you would feel like a failure. I don’t feel like a failure except that I fail to understand God’s direction. My purpose is to encourage others. I am a natural born cheerleader and positive thinker. So I know my purpose, it’s living it out that’s the issue.